Cute - The Mademoiselle

Uses curly and longer lashes on the centre of the eyelid making the iris appear bigger, more rounder and open. Great for small or narrow eyes.

Sexy - The Cleopatra

Uses curly and longer lashes on the outer edge of the eyes. Emphasises the width of the eye, for a sultry and exotic look.

Sexier - The Jessica Rabbit

Uses curly and longer lashes places on the centre of the eyes to outer corners. Placing the lashes in this style create a more seductive and elegance to the eyes.

Full Glam - The Dolly Diva

Uses the same length of lashes throughout. Helps to give heaps more volume, curl and length. Usually done with the Russian Volume Style.

Hybrid - The Killer Queen

Uses 2-3 length of lashes to create a unique pattern making the eye stand out from the crowd. Patterns may vary depending on how much volume applied.

Glamaria Signature - The Goddesstina

Uses 3-4 lengths of lashes throughout. Also may use 2 different curls creating a much more volumised effect.

Natural - The Minimalist

Uses Mildly Curled lashes. Same size and close to natural lash hair thickness throughout.

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