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Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash extensions have become a beloved beauty trend over the past several years. They enhance the natural look of the eye, bringing youth and radiance to one’s appearance. Your eyes may be the windows to your soul, but without the proper curtains, your soul looks pretty bare. Eyelash extensions are strands of synthetic hairs individually adhered with a special adhesive to one’s own lash that add length, thickness and fullness to natural eyelashes. Extensions are applied onto the eyelash itself and never come in direct contact with one’s skin.

Please contact Glamaria for a consultation or booking, this service will give you a natural look that subtly pumps up your glam factor.

Eyebrow Extensions

Similar to Eyelash Extensions this new technique allows us to create volume to your existing brow bone where silk individual hair is placed onto the eye brows and skin to create a fuller, thicker brow. Women who have sparse eyebrows naturally or due to alopecia, over waxing or plucking have tried many cosmetic products over the years to fill in their eyebrow area.

There is no need for powdering, penciling or even concidering getting tattooed. Also a better option for gaining realistic texture, contour, and feel to the eyebrow area. Eyebrow Extensions are also water-resistant, can last up to 14/21 days and will need regular maintenance. Importantly, this also helps cancer patients who have lost part or all of their eye brows. Get perfectly scultped eyebrows now, in one appointment!

Lash Lift

Eyelash Perm/Lift offers men and women a more natural way of making the eyelashes more visible and plumper. Active women can benefit from an eyelash perm because the curl in the eyelashes will not go away even in extreme physical conditions. Men today are also using the eyelash perm to enhance appearance dramatically without an eye-catching change.

An Eyelash Perm/Lift takes about thirty minutes. The effects could last up to one or four months (depending on your lash growth). For men and women who wish to darken their appearances, the application of an eyelash tint would be applied right after the perm. Please call or book online your consultation today!

Eyelash & Eyebrow Tint

You can choose from a selection of colors so you can be as dark and sultry as you like and a natural look is achieved. Eyelash tinting creates more definition and appearance of longer, thicker lashes. A fantastic treatment to have before you go on vacation and for those who choose not to wear mascara.

This treatment makes your eyebrow more noticeable and is great for covering gray. Eyebrow tinting will enhance the general appearance of your eyes because a more pronounced brow is very youthful, this treatment is particularly beneficial for people who have very fair eyebrows and for people who normally use eyebrow pencils.

Makeup & Hair Styling

I have provided onsite Beauty services for Weddings, Film, and Events. making the everyday man and woman look and feel fabulous for any occasion. I believe that our clients shouldn't have to pay a fortune to be treated like a king/queen and look like one as well. Whether you desire to have a natural or glamorous look or something that's somewhere in between, I can provide you with the artistry and professionalism to satisfy your beauty needs. We specialize in airbrushing and waterproofing techniques that will make the glam last for your special day.

If you have ever attended an event only to notice another girl in the room who you feel had her make up done better/ her hair last longer/ her lashes are on point fleeking, and thought to yourself “damn I wish I could have that” then I am definitely the person for you. I spent a long researching affordable yet affective make up products that are suited to various types of skin and as a result of that have dealt with some very fussy but very happy customers who are now proudly repeat clients. This is because at the end of the day I don’t see myself as a beautician I see myself as part of your entourage who wants to make you look and feel as great as you are.

If you do need to know more or have any type of personalised requests I can assure you that I am an expert in pairing the right hair style to the best make up choice for you event, at the end of the day its your satisfaction that I am most dedicated to and if you have concerns I have answers. Workign with me will be a stress-free and memorable experience, thanks to my expertise, coordination and desire to see you smile from ear to ear at the end of every service.

Lasty, I take pride in what I do, which I am sure from reading the above you can already tell, but this also means that I guarantee your satisfaction. So if you are disappointed/dissatisfied or concerned with the way something looks, I won’t turn down the opportunity to make this right.

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